Soulscape Sketch Reading completed 21/02/18

Soulscape Sketch Reading completed 21/02/18.

The overall theme of this reading: The old ‘established’ often separate routes/pathways of obtaining inner truth and spiritual knowledge are being questioned as people become increasingly disillusioned by the idea that there is only one true pathway that can connect them to their higher self and Source. The true extent behind how rigid and separate these ‘established paths’ to truth/spiritual knowledge have become is coming to light. As perceptions change, new routes/pathways to spiritual knowledge and inner truth are being formed as the old ‘established’ pathways start to merge together and become more fluid and collaborative. This change is being done through the feminine energies first. One size does not fit all, and there is a lot of mix and matching going on as the freedom to explore and construct one’s own pathway to truth and enlightenment becomes more available.

The spirit that came through to assist with this reading was Source itself. I saw a room like a typing pool of souls each channeling messages like good secretarial staff.

Present Positive / Seen:

In this image I saw the picture of a feminine figure in purple and yellow (perfect balance of spirituality and logic) with red shoes looking in patience (like a teacher) at a small/baby figure to the right (with a large wing) almost like it has come to pass on some knowledge it has and seek counsel (purple head, bronze body, gold wing). Standing next to the figure in purple and yellow is a large flower with purple petals tipped with silver. The large flower and figure in purple and yellow seem to be in a form of partnership and stand together protected within a smooth edged/bowl like bubble shaped like a water lily/lotus flower.

Humanoid like figures and plants have been teaming up and working together for the benefit of all. Although they appear separate, they are working as one unit. This has caused their combined power to attract other entities to come to seek their counsel. Although they are protected by a dome from the unseen spiritual realm/dimension, they are of the physical realm/dimension and can be seen if you know where to look. Currently only entities like small flying mammals are able to reach them to obtain their counsel.

Present Negative / Unseen:

In this image I saw the picture of a three figures who have gone to seek the counsel of an animal with perky ears and spiritual vision. It is not emotionally impacted by how the three figures react to it, it is just is. The two figures to the right, are dressed similarly in purple (spiritual) jackets that have yellow collars and silver trim. Although they have come to the animal they do not appear to like what it has to say. One has turned away in disgust (orange face with a large nose), and the other (green face with a red eye) laughs jeeringly. The other figure with purple ears and a yellow face and arms seems to be pleading with the animal to get some kind of reaction that it is desperate to receive. It also seems to have brought an offering (gold band with a red stone). However, the animal figure stares on dispassionately.

When you go to a mirror for answers, it can only reflect back to you what you are willing to see. Whether you like the answer or not is of no concern to it. However, frustration at not being given a ‘cheat sheet’ to answers can lead to anger coming out in various forms to the object/entity being consulted. Entities from all spiritual levels can be caught up in the illusion that only something external can provide internal insights and answers if the truth is refused to be acknowledged in the first place.

Past / Lessons Learnt:

In this image I saw the picture of a figure to the right that had used its spiritual knowledge and insights for greed purposes (green eyes and mouth). This large figure sat on a golden pot, and needed help moving as it could no longer stand on its own feet (that had buckled inwards from the weight of the body). The thin figure (spiritually malnourished) that stood to the left, who had been initially drawn to figure in the purple jacket and purple headdress to obtain their spiritual guidance, had not been happy seeing this entities’ corrupted intent on closer inspection.

Some entities may well have been able to offer spiritual insight and did have their third eyes fully open, but it was shared with greed, not with the true intent of benefiting and spiritual nourishing those that had come to see them. Those who were already experiencing spiritual malnourishment may have suffered more trying to appease these type of entities in order to gain sufficient knowledge for their health.

Future / Lessons Coming:

In this image I saw the picture of a three feminine energies (a larger figure with a gold cap – earth mother energy, a thin figure to the right with long hair – spirit/indigenous american type energy and another larger matronly type figure with blonde hair – religious/devout type energy) appearing to be coming together to merge as one. They seem to be coming from three different cultures and are aware that by coming together they will be stronger. The sum is becoming greater than its parts.

The main spiritual paths are slowly combining and working in harmony for better strength and unity over all – Broadly speaking the paths being (as I see it) Paganism/Earthy, Shamanic/Spiritual, Religious/Devoutness (leaning more towards love being shown through established religious strict and rigid rules etc). The boundaries between these different paths are slowly dissolving as they learn to be in harmony with each other.