Some of my favourite Soulscape Sketches.

Soulscape Sketch Reading for 04/04/18. This is the last Soulscape Sketch Reading done and concludes this art project. This drawing clearly shows to me that the time of the spirit reading/channeller intermediary is coming to an end.
Original post April 4 2018

Soulscape Sketch Reading for 28/03/18. I love this image of a gargoyle (or more correctly a grotesque) statue stroking their chin in contemplation.
Original post March 28 2018

Soulscape Sketch Reading for 20/06/17. The animals are learning how to aline their 8th and 9th chakras, represented by this awesome drawing of a rabbit (like the one from Alice in Wonderland).
Original post June 20 2017

Soulscape Sketch Reading for 17-23/05/17. I love the way the colours came out.
Original post May 17 2017

Soulscape Sketch Reading for 20/02/17 to 26/02/17. I love the donkey face!
Original post 21/02/17

Soulscape Sketch Reading for the Santorini Mule that carried me – Original post November 8th 2016.

Soulscape Sketch about the outcome of the EU referendum vote. Original post July 11 2016.

Soulscape Sketch Reading for listeners of Dr Isabelle’s Rants radio show. Original post May 01 2016.

Two sides working towards a common goal. Original post April 10 2016.

The marriage of Wisdom and Truth. Original post March 17 2016.

Fairies start to make a point of being seen by spiritually open minded children. Original post November 13 2015.

In the longest game of hide and seek the elementals begin to allow themselves to be “found”. Original post October 27 2015.

Spirit did a drawing of me doing a Soulscape Sketch. Original post April 03 2015.