“Just had an amazing “reading” with Karen of @SpiritWandererX. Very spot on and enlightening. Thanks!!!!!“

“ …that’s amazing. Thank you x”

“Wow. Thank you firstly… from a first read and interpretation I can relate to A LOT of the reading… I will take time to reflect on it but i must say I’m amazed at the information presented. Thank you xxx.”

“Thank you, thank you. Bless you!”

“Def resonates. Thanks so much.”

“Omg Karen. That all completely makes sense and I can relate every bit of what you have said to my life past and present. To say WOW is an understatement.”

“Your reading is great! Thank you! It’s weirdly accurate.”

“Thanks ever so much…I can relate to some but not all of it.”

“Pretty much bang on the money! Bit freaky how accurate parts of that are!”

“I can relate to everything you’ve seen.”