Psychic and Spirit Artists

Touch Drawing – Process of self discovery though expressive art through Deborah Koff-Chapin

Vanilla Moon – Nelly Moon offering Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel and Nature Spirit Portraits

Jan Arden – The channelled artwork of Jan Arden

June-Elleni Laine – Creative writer, spirit artist and teacher

Soul Flower Paintings – Spiritual artistic Georgiana Houghton

Art, Photography, Fashion and Jewellery

Adele Davison Photography – Norwich based photographer specialising in events, candid portraits of children, families and couples at home and outdoors.

Eternal Aphelion Craft – Handcrafted Jewellery

Natural Alchemist – Recycle and Reinvent. Making the unwanted and unloved become exquisite and precious.

Sarah Morgan – Colour, style and image consultant

Spiritual Residue – Resurrecting spiritual and religious items.

Spirit Wanderer’s Shopify Store – A place to find things for your soul’s journey and Soulscape Sketches.


The Missing Shoe, Norwich – A quirky emporium of good will and kindness

The Missing Sock – Interactive celebration and wedding venue, a weekend restaurant offering healthy, original cuisine

Breathing Space, Norfolk – Retreat for women offering wellbeing treatments and therapies

Little Gems Rock Shop – An aladdin’s cave of hand picked crystals, fossils and gemstone jewellery from around the globe.

Healing Therapies

Chris James – The healing power of sound and song, voice and self expression.

The Foxburgh (on Tumblr) / (main website) – Scoliosis Treatment Specialists, Natural Health and Wellness Centre

Lucinda Drayton – Blissful and healing music

Mary Benefiel – Sound mind, sound body

Spiritual Guidance

Dragon Song Healing – Crystal and Evolved Soul Healing

Jenni Tribe – Trauma Transformer

Julie Grimes – Glastonbury Tarot Cards Reader

Spirit Essence – Spiritual Guidance, Reiki and Psychic therapies and readings by Tina Wilkins.

Tanya Howes – Tarot Reader and a Reiki Master Practitioner

Swedenborg Foundation – An online resource for all things Swedenborg.

Off The Left Eye – Youtube Channel from the Swedenborg Foundation.

Psychic and Spiritual Listings

Find Your Psychic – International Psychics Directory

Holistic and Spiritual Swap and Sell Shop – A Facebook Group that offers a place to swap therapies and/or readings.

The Psychic Directory – Interactive online resource for finding and reviewing psychics

Advertise All Things Spiritual – A Facebook Group to advertise all things spiritual

Spiritual Flow Events – MBS Fairs and more events around the UK