2018 The End of the Soulscape Sketch Reading Project

In my heart I knew the 04/04/18 Soulscape Sketch Reading would be my last, and it was time to call time on this particular art project.

I starting experimenting with these type of drawings in August 2014 and through the help of friends I refined the process further, and found a name for it. Thanks Ana. Frank kindly created the paper I used in the later drawings so they looked more substancial. The early work can be seen in this Facebook Group

I learned a lot from the messages I interpreted through the drawings. However, we are now entering a time when people have to learn to receive messages directly, rather than through an intermediary.

So what are my future plans? Well for now, all of the original Soulscape Sketch drawings that are featured on this website are in a folder. I intend to print out all of their explanations and hold an exhibition of them, as inspired by Georgiana Houghton.

This website will continue as I’ll be painting more, and putting my artwork on here. With any spiritual information that interests me. I also await my next instructions as to how I can serve humanity.