How To Get A Reading

You can now do a Soulscape Sketch Reading for yourself!

Feel you know the Soulscape Sketch process now and are itching to have a go yourself? Feel confident you know how you can protect yourself while doing it? If so, please feel free to save and print the paper below.
Many thanks to Frank Reding (the paper designer) for allowing this paper to be “open sourced”.

The Process:
1) You decide you would like to do a ‘Soulscape Sketch’. Please do not do a reading on behalf of someone else without obtaining their consent first. The only exception is for animals, who have no issue with saying no if they do not want to take part.
2) After gathering your positive spirit helpers around you and surrounding yourself in a positive love protection, you ask a spirit to step forward. Confirmation is obtained from this spirit(s) that they are working from the highest positive love intent and this is confirmed by your spirit support. In my case the Soulscape Sketch created through this connection provides a snapshot map of where the person for whom the reading is for are now and what other insights would support their current soul growth. However, it may be used for something different in your process. Spirit provides an image through an automatic drawing method. After the drawing is completed, parts are coloured through intuition with guidance from spirit.
3) You may find it easier to do the drawing on a print out of the specially designed paper (above) that is marked up with “Present Positive / Seen”; “Near Future / Lessons Coming”; “Past / Lessons Learnt” and “Present Negative / Unseen”.
4) The reading is done by turning the image around and looking at it with the relevant text section being the right way up. “Present Positive / Seen” (the way up the drawing was done); ”Present Negative / Unseen” (Drawing viewed from upside down); ”Past / Lessons Learnt” (image rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise) and “Near Future / Lessons Coming” (image rotated 90 degrees clockwise).
5) Consider what the image and figures that you see in the picture mean to you. What feelings and emotions do they evoke in you?
Many thanks to Frank Reding (the paper designer) for allowing this paper to be “open sourced”.