My aura photos through the years

I was in the UK last week, so that’s why there was no Soulscape Sketch update. For this post I thought I’d share my aura photos. The latest aura photo I had done was on 17/02/18.

The aura photos taken in 2005 and 2007 were done by AuraMagic (website is no longer in use). The aura photo taken in 2018 was done by Reinhild and Michael Brieger from Aura-Light (can’t find their website).

Explanation of colours from AuraMagic card:

Aura photo 2005:

This was taken the day before I was due to start a new job (green bit coming in from the corner). Mostly red and yellow.

Aura photo 2007:

At the feedback session to discuss the photo I was told I should consider being more spiritually minded. I remember coughing into my drink at this suggestion as I have always been spiritually minded. Maybe I was having an off day…

Aura photo 2018:

Yay! A change of colour from red and yellow. The darker blocks on the second photo are caused from the reflection from where the picture was taken. Saying below the picture picked out translates as “The wisdom of my heart always reveals what I need to know.” This tied in well with the explanation of the colour of the aura.
Remembrance of explanation of reading as kindly translated by Frank at the time:
Yellow/Orange/Red bit: how I see myself. Grounded and passionate, I do things from the heart. When I say no, it is from a place of love and for the greater good. Blue/Purple bit: How others see me. Spiritual guide. I have a strong connection to spirit and I am spiritual, but not in a dogmatic way. I am a medium. Although I have lost someone close recently (purple patch) I am aware that I am still able to communicate with them (blue centre).
Yellow/Green bit: I am a healer. I help, guide and encourage people to be their best selves.

This is an article that mentions the work of Reinhild and Michael Brieger from Aura-Light –