Soulscape Sketch Reading completed 03/03/18

Soulscape Sketch Reading completed 03/03/18.

The overall theme of this reading: The perfect balance of spiritual and logical thinking is moving into toddlerhood. While it was in its baby stage, spirit entities cared for it like a parent to a child, looking out for issues and problems the baby wouldn’t have even considered needed looking out for. Taking the experience and love guidance that this way of thinking has received to ensure it grew stronger, we are now practicing and following this example ourselves by caring for animals like how we were treated. A bit like how a toddler treats a doll using their experience of what it was like being cared for growing up. By taking the time to explain to animals what planetary events are happening (the animals are going along with this for our sake, as they know already!) we ourselves truly see them with fresh eyes and wonder.

The spirit that came through to assist with this reading was my higher-self, once I connected to the source. A spiritual chain was made between source to me to pass on the message. I’m generally feeling down and lacking energy today, so this may affect the reading’s translation.

Present Positive / Seen:

In this image I saw the picture of an old masculine person type face to the left (from the spirit realm due to lack of colour) this spirit figure is watching dispassionately while a couple kiss passionately under a full moon (like a scene from out of the movies).

Spirit entities are patiently waiting for those in the physical realm/dimension to move past the old notions of what actions are to be done to show passion and romance. There is more to life than only doing the clichés to show someone you care, but they are aware that this is a phase that needs to be moved through and experienced in order for more progress to be made and achieved.

Present Negative / Unseen:

In this image I saw the picture of a feminine figure from the spirit realm/dimension lying down observing what the figure (in purple and yellow) from the physical realm/dimension is doing. Much like a mother and a newborn.

This perfect balance of being both spiritual and logical in thinking is in its infancy. And like a new parent, the adult (spirit helpers and guides) are keen to protect and care for this new (way of) life while it is at its most vulnerable. But this is also a time of great joy, promise and endless possibilities.

Past / Lessons Learnt:

In this image I saw the picture of an entity from the spirit realm/dimension looking ahead to see what challenges may need to be faced. The protective helmet it had been wearing has been taken off, but the rucksack on its back is still being worn. Sitting on the floor behind this spirit entity was the baby figure from the physical realm, who was too engrossed in playing with its own feet and toy to take much notice of the preparation work its spirit helper/parent was doing on its behalf.

While the new stage of the perfect balance between spiritual and logical thinking was being enjoyed and experimented with (a bit like how a baby gets used to its body), helpers from the spirit realm/dimension were looking ahead to see what way may be taken next.

Future / Lessons Coming:

In this image I saw the picture of a three figures standing in front of a full moon. A figure in a yellow hat (logical thinking) that is holding onto a dog with a silver nose and floppy ears. Standing near them, but not part of the duo, is a mouse like creature.

People are learning to see the exceptional world events through the loving connection with animals. The love flowing that ensures that animals are helped to appreciate these events too, is what we have learnt from the way some spirit entities have cared for us while we have been in our spiritual logical balanced thinking infancy. (It’s a bit like when a young child cares for a doll like a baby, repeating how they remember being treated.) Helping animals to take part in the planetary events means that humans actually see and acknowledging the event, rather than it forming a backdrop to something else so its meaning and significance is lost.

Please check out this video about the event in March 2018:-