Archive post from Tumblr site November 8th 2016 – Ground Troll to Master Dom

Ground Troll to Master Dom.

I have a highly developed skill in seeing pictures in random stains, or anything really. Spirit knowing this, tends to send me messages (for myself and others for me to pass on) by either pictorial or symbolic means. These pictures shown on this page were created on 07/11/16 as a way for me to get back into painting again.

The above two pictures are images I see in the paper I prepared for the basis of my Inspirational Playing Cards ( Ground Troll is the Five of Hearts and Master Dom is Jack of Clubs.

Ground Troll

Ground Troll is an elemental that is part earth/wood and part fire. Because of this she is being a lovingly referee in the interaction between the fire that is cleansing the woodland and its healthy growth.

Master Dom

In this image (my interpretation) of Master Dom, as mentioned by Diana Cooper (, a human seeks council (floating to the left of Dom’s face) with him. Due to not having a body, per se, Master Dom fluidly constructs a body from the surrounding elements and wears a mask that most resembles the spirit body that he is communicating with. If Earth was a hotel Master Dom would be a Manager/Concierge. Changing his appearance, like a hotel receptionist changes languages, in order to enable guests to be at their most comfortable. Master Dom is sounded by white space as he exists between realms to better network between the elements.