Reflections on the process – Archive post from Tumblr 3rd May 2015

So what have I learnt about the Soulscape Sketch process? It’s psychic art with a twist!

A Soulscape Sketch is an automatic drawing I produce and intuitively colour in. Once I have completed this drawing I look for pictures inside the image that spirit are using to pass on their message. The image is read in four ways, the way up it was drawn, upside down and the
two sideways directions. When spirit are creating the image, they are creating it with the 360 degree vision in mind.

From an early age I have always enjoyed seeing images in clouds, stains on walls etc, so this psychic work I feel is a natural progression for me. When I first started out I had six fearless volunteers who were the alpha testers for this process and they were amazed by the message I was able to pass on to them. I was pleased too by the result and that all the images I produced are unique.

When I first started this process I didn’t know what it was meant to achieve, I was just aware that the messages the images were passing on were life improving messages for the people the readings were for. Thanks to spirit (and YouTube check this out video suggestions) I’ve since discovered that my drawings are like Swedenborg’s correspondences.
Messages for the soul in pictorial form. More info here:

I hope you enjoy watching me as a learn, grow, develop and understand more about this process. X