Archive post from Tumblr site January 29th 2015 – Finding Purpose

Finding purpose

As stated before I feel these readings provide a way to make the parts of your Unconscious needing reviewing for self improvement Conscious.

However, in being helped to further understand what the purpose of these readings are for, for a person’s soul growth, I have been directed towards the work of Swedenborg. Many thanks to the Swedenborg Foundation for their wonderful YouTube Channel offTheLeftEye.

Through what I am learning, a lot of Swedenborg’s view point on the spiritual world matches my own. I feel these readings are my contribution towards helping people to strengthen their positive inner core selves that then flow out into the material. The drawings that are done are not done by me, they are done through me to be passed on to the person to help them in this process.

What I am personally working and focusing on: My inner intention and love desires. Observing the spirit flowing into the material world, and helping that spirit flow to be as clear and as bright as possible.