Soulscape Sketch Reading for the Santorini Mule that carried Frank – Archive post from Tumblr site November 8th 2016

Soulscape Sketch Reading for the Santorini Mule that carried Frank.
Date: 17/11/16.

The overall theme of this reading:
The old ways of hardship and drudgery are changing and gaps are appearing in the spirit boundary that once held old regimes and the established order in place. Through the harsh periods this mule lived through they had regular visits from angel guardians to provide as much support as they were able. The old timer mule is keen to show the new guys how to take advantage of new developments in working so their lives are made easier than what the old timer experienced. The old timer is lovingly sharing their knowledge and new developments with the younger generation, so they experience a more joyful existence than what they started out with.

Present Positive / Seen:

In this image I saw the picture of an old timer (with big eyes to the right) looking after a younger soul (with red cheeks to its left). Both are looking at the gold and silver hoop shape (portal) to the left in picture that they have both just travelled through. It looks calmer and on the left side of the hoop/portal and busier on the right side where the faces are. I feel this image is representing the old timer teaching the younger figure how to manage regularly going through the hoop and adjusting to the sensation changes of going from calm to busy. In the background of this training are scenic mountains. The colours of spirit also surround them.

Present Negative / Unseen:

In this image I saw the picture of a figure of young spirit girl with wings (white – no colours) who has travelled through the hoop/portal. She is crouching over and lovingly hugging the green orb/ball that has been placed on the ground the other side of the portal/hoop to protect the orb/ball from harsh treatment. To the left of this green orb/ball is a figure (about the size of the orb/ball) that has its arm raised with a whip on the end, trying to take charge. Although these large winged orb/ball guardians may not been seen in the natural world, they nevertheless are regularly coming through the hoop/portal to check on and monitor their charges. There is solid equipment set up (to the left – like a satellite dish and transmitter) in the physical/natural world that sends information and updates about the green orbs progress through the hoop/portal.

Past / Lessons Learnt:

In this image I saw the picture of a figure feeling weighed down by the halter around its head and neck (it covers its eyes), the covers on its back and the other decorative items that it has to wear. A stick stabs the left foot preventing any further movement. This was supposed to be used as a walking aid, but it is hindering movement instead. A period of standing carrying heavy items but not moving anywhere. Aids to help movement have become a hindrance instead from misuse through misunderstanding of their purpose. The doorway of spirit is sensed as being nearby, but is unable to be seen due to the halter blocking all vision.

Near Future / Lessons Coming:

In this image I saw the picture of the old timer pointing upwards, and putting their arm through a spirit barrier they haven’t thought to do before. This figure is trying to engage their young charge to look upwards too at what they’re doing, but the young charge is too excited by the surroundings to take on board what the old timer is saying, or trying to show them. I sense this picture shows going upwards for the last time. For the journey upwards the hoop/portal is being left behind as the next level is being entered. The old timer has found a route through the spirit barrier and will take any young charges with them who are willing to follow their example.