Soulscape Sketch Reading for 20/06/16 to 24/07/16

Monthly Soulscape Sketch Reading for 20/06/16 to 24/07/16.

The overall theme of this reading:
Recovering from an abundance of choices and moving forward from a period of over indulgence. After fearing the presence of spirit energy in the body (as some did not know what it was
they were feeling), a time of adjusting and becoming used to the emergence of balanced chakras and what it feels like to be spiritually healthy.

As usual this monthly reading was brought to you with the assistance of the spirit Anise.

Present Positive / Seen:

In this image I saw the picture of a gathering of foods as at a banquet/buffet. There is a strawberry, a blueberry, a bun/donut with pink icing, a banana split, an onion and a watermelon. These contents, as if from a cornucopia, have come through a hole that has opened up from spirit. The options of both “good” and “bad” food choices are presented on the plate. The feeling I get from this image is that of abundance and a variety of options available to choose from. It is up to the person whether they wish to chose to eat the healthy option or not.

Present Negative / Unseen:

In this image I saw the picture of a figure lying down as if in having a siesta after eating all the food. The only food not eaten yet is the blueberry, but it is being held onto as if to stake a claim to it, to show that the person intends to eat it later. Around the figure I see defined layers in the auric shell. These layers are strong at the front, but compacted and close to the body at the back.

The feeling I get from this image is one of gluttony. All the available food was eaten because it was there, rather than shared in love or friendship. A feeling of a need to eat it all while it’s present for fear of there being none later. Fear of the final feast before a famine.
The figure now lays ill but has not learned from the lesson, it still clings onto the next food item that it will consume and then there will appearingly be nothing left.

With regards to the auric layers a lot of energy has been put in making sure there is the appearance of a strong front, but this has been at the expense of having a fully balanced auric shell. The figure hopes by laying down, the thin auric shell at the back will not be noticed or taken advantage of.

Past / Lessons Learnt:

In this image I saw the picture of a figure standing ready to throw a missile. The third eye has taken over the mind but not in a positive way. The third eye is red and sees through a layer of greed (green). However, the overall vision and communication intent is that of love
(pink patch encompassing the eye and mouth). Spirit has been able to impact in patches throughout the body (the back brain, heart chakra, solar plexus and root chakra). These spirit patches are like small rivers between the blocks of greed. It has taken a while to get this far, but now it’s made a channel (specially at the root chakra) it will continue to keep widening the access point.
However, the spirit patches are in places blocked from doing this by plugs and barriers. What was happening was misunderstood so things were put in place to ensure the affects of the spirit “corrosion” were kept in check. In this image I see what was once large and imposing (the previous shells) has become slightly shrunken and condensed with each evolutionary milestone.

Near Future / Lessons Coming:

In this image I saw the picture of a figure becoming aware of its protruding solar plexus (
This chakra point has become well formed and is slowly growing through the layers of the auric shell. Spirit energy is now flowing freely in the third eye and the surface layer is now orange ( Deeper spiritual energy is able to now enter through a patch at the top
of the head. All the other chakra points have spirit energy continuously working through them and there are less blocks in place now. The chakra closest to the ground is swelling with spiritual energy but has not been able to make a full route through yet, although it is only a matter of time. The auric shell is about ¾ fully balanced, with the area at the back of the torso slowing becoming more filled out.