Soulscape Sketch Reading for EU referendum result 23/06/16

Thought I’d have a punt (NB this reading was added to Facebook 21/06/16 before the result was known):

Soulscape Sketch Reading for EU referendum result 23/06/16:
The overall theme of this reading: A feeling of being more prepared than what is actually the case. “Fake it til you make it” syndrome. Believing the involved lie that a situation is more solid and able to manage than realistically possible. Emotions like that of a teenager: thinking they will manage in their heads, but struggling when they do make the leap to independence and have to start to pay their own way. However, “you can’t learn experience.”

The spirit that came through to assist with this reading was my usual helper for the monthly readings, Anise. To do the reading she was dressed in a white polar bear costume complete with oversized paws. To me this symbolised just because you look like a polar bear doesn’t mean you have the skills to survive like one!

Present Positive / Seen:

In this image I saw the picture of a mother figure with a loving energy opening the hatch of the protective bubble she and her child have been living in. She is offering words of guidance to the figure leaving the safety of the bubble. The figure moving to the right is like a snail like creature with large eyes but no ears. It has been keen to leave but its shell and body aren’t fully formed. The only thing fully formed is its soft vulnerable body and a small part of its shell. It’s not as solid as it thinks it is. However, the mother figure is allowing it to leave and is not holding it back in anyway. The mother figure stays securely within the bubble.

Present Negative / Unseen:

In this image I saw the picture of a comic like figure from a Viz carton. It is bending over showing its bum and poking its tongue out. An immature way of showing its anger. It sees its action as “funny” and not as others might see it as disrespectful and immature.

Past / Lessons Learnt:

In this image I saw the picture of a person posing. They’re in their beach wear, wearing the latest stylish pink sunglasses and speaking into their headset while checking out their finely manicured nails. The “me” generation. It’s all about appearances and looking “part of the top fashion”. Being seen to talk importantly rather than listening. Being obnoxious it all its forms.

Near Future / Lessons Coming:

In this image I saw the picture of a fetus still in the amniotic sac but the cord has now been cut. While still in the amniotic sac it has a silver spoon in its mouth. However, a baby born still in its amniotic sac is a positive sign… From the back of this image’s head the spirit guide of a duck looks at the route that has been travelled by the fetus
still in the amniotic sac and the spirit pathway that has opened up. Apart from the duck, there is nothing around that can look after the baby once it leaves this sac, lets hope it’s at least a teenager by the time the sac falls away!