So long, why no new post?

I thought I’d explain why it has been a while since I last did a monthly general Soulscape Sketch, or updated in a meaningful way.

By July 2016 I had a full time job that was becoming increasingly stressful. This meant that the spare time and energy I had to do the monthly Soulscape Sketches reduced dramatically. Over the months that followed I felt I was getting further and further away from what I loved doing and my health was being affected.

After mine and my husband’s second honeymoon at the end of September 2016, dramatic changes began to take place. I resigned from my job as they couldn’t offer me part-time hours. With the support of my husband I left in November. Not only was the stress becoming too much for me, my mother had also been diagnosed with cancer and I wished to be available to her and my family should they need me while she recovered from her operation and underwent treatment.

In December my husband was offered a job in Berlin. He was keen to go as he was becoming increasing unhappy with the way things were becoming in the UK.

At the beginning of January 2017 my mother died. It was sudden and unexpected as the operation had gone well. On the Saturday after my mother’s funeral, at the beginning of February 2017, we moved to Berlin.

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to spend December and Christmas with my mother and family. I also learnt a lot of new things during this time as I did odd jobs such as hotel housekeeping and customer service work. My mother was also able to pass on valuable advice as I prepared our property for renting out. Due to my mother’s funeral taking place just before we left, I managed to have closure with most of my extended family and friends as this chapter of my life ended.

So currently I have energy again to concentrate on my psychic work and soul purpose. Poe and Harlie are with us, and we have all settled in the Reinickendorf area of Berlin.

I am grateful for the technology that is available so that I am able to video call my family regularly, and for a husband who is fluent in German while I am learning as fast as possible!