Blind Soulscape Readings – The results are in!

The envelopes are opened! Things can only get better. 🙂 Many thanks to Kerry and Frank for helping.

See the YouTube video here (both cats get involved too!):

Blind reading 1: My thought: Pigeon. What it actually was: Robin. Yay! I got it was a bird at least! I’m giving myself ½ point.
Blind reading 2: My thought: Blank (white wall seen). What it actually was: Pigeon. 0 points.
Blind reading 3: My thought: Evergreen Tree. What it actually was: Blank. 0 points.
Blind reading 4: My thought: Seagull. What it actually was: Evergreen Tree. 0 points.
Blind reading 5: My thought: Robin. What it actually was: Oak tree sapling. 0 points.
Blind reading 6: My thought: Blank (showing my soulscape sketch process). What it actually was: Seagull. 0 points.
Blind reading 7: My thought: Oak Tree Sapling (talked about tree being cut back). What it actually was: Goldengage Tree. I wanted this to be the Oak Tree Sapling so didn’t see the obvious, but apart from the getting the wrong tree I was mostly spot on. I’m giving myself a 1.
Total score: 1 ½ out of 7.

So what did I learn from this? To keep having fun with my Soulscape Sketches and that my psychometry skills need more practice.

Many thanks to Kerry DancingJellyLegs ( and Frank Reding for filming.

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