Seventh Blind Soulscape Sketch Reading

Seventh reading of the blind Soulscape Sketch process. Correspondence from the inner soul. Possibly a reading for the small Oak Sapling (or Goldengage tree)? What do you think?

Soulscape Sketch:

In this Blind Soulscape Sketch reading I saw a little green alien in a growing tree time space craft. The body may become larger but the soul essence remains the same. For the full reading please watch the Youtube video here:

Poe also makes an appearance!

This video shows the reading I did for a randomly selected envelope. Once I have done all the readings for the envelopes, I will open them all up at once to see what picture relates to which reading.

You can join in too! Feel free to comment with what you think the picture is I’m doing the reading for, and we’ll find out who was right at the end!

The picture options are:
Oak Tree Sapling
Goldengage Tree
Evergreen Tree

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