The Internal Emotional Dojo

In this time when we’re working towards clearing our internal issues, it has been recommended we feel our emotions rather than suppress/swallow them. I wanted to share a wonderful idea that one of my hypnosis practice people had during a session.

This technique follows on from the hypnosis inner control room work.
The internal emotional dojo:

Following going into a relaxed state imagine yourself going into a strong box room (like a dojo). Once the door has been closed nothing can get into this room, but you can leave at any time. Don’t forget to summon help if you need it.

The purpose of this room is to provide a safe place where emotions can be felt or summoned so their root cause can be found and learnt. Or so you can learn and experience new emotions and feelings that are initially strange and uncomfortable (including positive emotions such as happiness and confidence – trying these emotions on for size as it were). Once the root cause is know this can lead to the emotional triggers lessening and to new sensations being not so frightening as you’ve had a chance to practice being in that state.

It is also a room where the body can provide emotions for you to face that you have been unconsciously avoiding, so the anxiety around these sensations can be cleared.
You know the internal emotional dojo session has gone well if you initially feel uncomfortable in the room, face the emotion in all its forms and the room clears and feels empty.

If by some miracle you understand what I’m trying to explain, please give this a go with someone you trust present. Or make sure you know how to bring yourself out of a hypnosis state if things get out of hand. Don’t forget to summon positive help at any point you need it.