Archive Post from Tumblr site September 14th 2014 – Pet Reading (My cat, Poe) Example 2

Example 2 Pet Reading, My cat, Poe

Spirit that came through had a female energy, loving presence of earth spirit, like a dryad – white, tall and slender.

Present Positive / Seen:

Resting in contentment, the whereabouts of favourite teddies and toys are always known. (Poe likes to lay around a lot. Favourite places are on the bed, Frank’s lap or a fluffy blanket).

Present Negative / Unseen:

Becoming too comfortable to move and do basic functions needed. However, Poe is happiest when left to his own devices. (Can’t comment, he may be lazy, but he always goes outside to do his business!)

Past / Lessons Learnt:

Acting calm on the surface, but being anxious and worried underneath. Putting on a brave face. (Ah, the vets… Must make sure Poe is aware that it’s not his fault when we go away, or he is taken to the vets for a check up).

Near Future / Lessons Coming:

Looking forward excitingly to a new adventure, welcoming a new playmate (has a small present for them already). Old outgrown toys are being thrown away ready for the new start to begin.
(While Poe is nervous around new people, once he feels safe he loves to lay on anyone who’ll let him sleep in his lap!)

So both Poe and Harlie are preparing themselves for a new playmate, bless. Harlie thinks it’s going to be a small dog, and Poe is hoping whatever it is will pay him love and attention and let him sleep in its lap.