Archive post from Tumblr site October 13th 2014 – Daily Routines

Daily Routines

After a great weekend away at the Kinda Happy Festival meeting and being inspired by Lucinda Drayton and Sarah Morgan, and catching up with Sue again from Dragon Song Healing, I realised I was really looking forward to getting back into my exercises and singing routine again.

I try to do these exercises daily as I notice the positive benefits to my wellbeing when I do (it helps keep my scoliosis in check), and feel the old stiffness return when I don’t do it for a few days (three days was too long I found out!).

For those interested this is my general routine: Do “Arm uppy” thing (Übung Pezziball) while listening to this: Sarah Hall’s Cord Cutting Meditation or this Postive Magazine’s 10 Minute Guided Meditation on Establishing Boundaries

Then when doing “I’m a little teapot” (Muskelxylinder (MZ) im Stand) I tend to sing along to this: Jonathan Goldman’s 7 Minute Chakra Tune Up.

The exercises I do to strengthen my spine are the ones recommended by my therapist at the The Foxburgh.

If you are affected by Scoliosis (like me and Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar…), more information about this condition can be found here: